What if I don’t complete the necessary number of shifts in the 4-month time? Do I lose my ADHA membership?

If you can’t complete your 4 shifts (6+ hours each) in the 4-month time frame, you will be given the opportunity to pay your remaining balance due directly to the ADHA, without the 50% subsidy from onDiem. You’ll have a month to complete that final payment to the ADHA to complete your membership. If you decide not to complete this final payment to the ADHA, your provisional membership will be changed to inactive, and you will no longer be a member and will no longer be able to receive the benefits of the ADHA membership. Any payments made so far to the ADHA toward your membership will be forfeited.

For more information, contact the ADHA at member.services@adha.net or 312-440-8900.