How does the onDiem-ADHA partnership work?

onDiem is the first staffing agency to be W-2 compliant nationwide, which means they provide hygienists with unique benefits, protections, and access to legal jobs. As the organization that has advocated for material change and benefits for hygienists since 1923, the ADHA sees onDiem not only as an obvious ally, but also as an integral partner in our mission to better the lives of hygienists across the nation. 

To make it easier for hygienists to build thriving careers and livelihoods, the ADHA has partnered with onDiem to provide discounted ADHA memberships—which open the door to countless financial benefits, third-party discounts, CE opportunities, and community-building events. 

We’ve also worked with onDiem to give each ADHA member up to $3,000 per year in onDiem Care Benefits, designed to cover a wide range of health- and wellness-related expenses.